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Versaweb has multiple datacenter locations to serve you. Choose from the locations below to learn more.


Seattle Datacenter

The home of over-priced (but tasty) coffee, grunge music, self-loathing hipsters, and Versaweb's SEA1 datacenter.

Our SEA1 datacenter facility is based in the world-renowed Westin Building carrier hotel. The Westin Building is the most well-connected colocation facility in the entire Pacific Northwest, and is also the preferred connectivity gateway to many north Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea, and northern China. Versaweb provides dedicated servers at this location, and will soon provide SSD cloud servers as well.

Facility Specifications

  • Over 250 carriers and global service providers
  • Redundant utility power feeds, UPS systems, generators
  • Redundant HVAC / CRAC units for cooling
  • Home to the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX)
  • 37 coffee shops within walking distance (estimated)

Network Information

  • Brocade MLX Core Router
  • Multiple 10Gbps uplinks to NTT and Abovenet
  • 10Gbps private transport to LAS1 Datacenter

Las Vegas Datacenter

The home of showgirls, card sharks, cheezy Elivis impersonators, and our flagship LAS1 datacenter.

Our LAS1 datacenter is based out of the Fiberhub LAS1 datacenter (yes, we're related). Situated a short 200 miles from Los Angeles metro, our LAS1 location is very popular for customers looking for a presence in the western US, as well as those serving content to Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Maylasia. Our LAS1 network also features connectivity to the Any2 peering exchange in Los Angeles, giving us direct connectivity to hundreds of networks.

Facility Specifications

  • 7 different carriers on-net in the building
  • Redundant power systems (UPS and backup generators)
  • Redundant HVAC / CRAC units for cooling
  • Full range of services - dedicated, cloud, ddos protection
  • Slot machines and video poker in the break room (just kidding)

Network Information

  • Brocade MLX Core Router
  • Multiple 10Gbps uplinks to Abovenet, NTT, Cogent,, and tw telecom
  • Multiple 10Gbps backhaul to One Wilshire in Los Angeles
  • 10Gbps private transport to SEA1 datacenter